These testimonial letters in their entirety hang proudly in our offices.

I brought a complicated project to Jeffrey in May. Within a few days we had a plan in place to move forward with a solution. Two weeks later we had a commitment from a lender, and a final deal was executed a short time later. Jeff’s persistence and follow-up was a critical part of the process. If you are looking for a solution, and more importantly execution and finality, National Mortgage Advice can handle.
Chuck Paterno

Owner, Wildreth & Associates

I have known and worked with Jeff for 15+ years. He is one of the most powerful and passionate leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and is extremely well-connected in the banking and financial services verticals. His knowledge of the mortgage business and keen eye for credit risk is second to none. Jeff is truly a deal maker AND a dream maker! He has an amazing talent of taking the most complex transactions to the closing table by taking a personal interest in exploring all angles to ensure the most cost-effective and strategic solutions to satisfy his clients short and long term financial objectives. His leadership style is that of passion, humor and compassion for employees at all levels. His “off the cuff” style, amazing wit and bottom line focus are characteristics that all leaders should strive to mirror. Jeff is an investment in motivation, creativity, execution and bottom line impact.
Dieter Hertling

Chief Executive Officer, Emprove Performance Group, LLC

I had clients who purchased a 3 family home with a carriage house in the back. They wanted to convert this property into 4 condo units. They could not find any lender to lend on this project and they were running out of time and money. I introduced them to Jeffrey and he was able to get the money needed in less than a week. Within two months from receiving the money from Jeffrey’s sources, they converted and sold all 4 condo units. This would not have been possible had they never met Jeffrey. Jeffrey is now their lender of choice. I would recommend Jeffrey to anyone who is in a situation where they want to move fast on a project.
John Marroni

Loan Officer, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Your ability to get us the best deal under difficult time constraints was most appreciated. I will recommend your services to members of the securities field and friends and family.
Gary N.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

After my heart attack and subsequent job change, I never believed that I would be able to reorganize my debt structure into a manageable situation. Your persistence in dealing with the New Hampshire banks, the IRS and multiple lenders while keeping me informed on a day-to-day basis was above and beyond the call of duty.

I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for the absolute best transaction or needs help excavating themselves from financial difficulties.

Thomas A.


Dear Jeff,

I want to express my deep appreciation for the assistance you provided in obtaining my mortgage. Due to my current situation, your securing a mortgage was difficult indeed. You acted at all times in a highly professional manner and closed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Greg C.

I had investigated several other lending institutions that I have existing relationships with and was either turned down verbally as the bank did not write that type of business or quoted such a high interest rate to make me believe they did not want to write the business. The interest rate you secured me and the terms and conditions that run with that rate I am very pleased with. And looking forward to you writing my business here in Georgia.

John C.

Dear National Mortgage Advice,

As a person who is very familiar with the complexities of financing and underwriting, the job you did was incredible. We had the challenges of income being derived from our personal business which was only three years old, some poor credit history from way back, and the complicated asset structure. You knew we could afford it, but convincing the underwriters for the finance company would not be easy. YOU GOT THE JOB DONE!

Kenneth M.

Dear Jeff,

You are definitely a JUICE GUY. Thanks for all your help. You are the master of avoiding the roadblock.

Many Thanks,

Brian O.

Nantucket, MA Juice Company

My initial contact with National Mortgage Advice was much like the previous brokers I had dealt with: A broker representing the ability to achieve a great appraisal, lots of cash out, a great rate, and a quick turnaround. Well, the difference between NMA and the rest of the world was that everything NMA represented became a reality. I am now in a much better position in life as a result of National Mortgage Advice. I still have my place, I got rid of the IRS, and was able to weather the storm in my business. Life is now good, and it truly had a lot to do with the remendous help National Mortgage provided me when things could not look any worse. I will now never look any further than the National Mortgage Advice team.

Jon N.

You have saved the castle for my clients numerous times. You will always be part of my tax planning team.


Bill G.

Boston CPA

Focused on Solutions

“Funding for projects is available. You just have to know where to look and how to present the deal.”

Jeffrey Moore

President, National Mortgage Advice, LLC